The Athare Patil Public School
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The Athare Patil Public School was established in 1987.
Computer lab with 60 advanced computers.
All admissions are made without regard to caste, creed or community.
Spacious play grounds for various games.
Badminton Court
The 3 storied hostel building and dining hall can accommodate 1000 students
Well Equipped Physics, Chemistry & Biology Labs.
The school campus covers a vast span of 25 acres of land.
Perfect Blend of Ancient Gurukul System.
The School has all necessary infrastructural facilities and modern amenities.
Horse Riding
World Class Swimming Pool
Facility for Yoga and Table Tennis
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School Codes And Policies

1)      Full Co-operation of the parents in maintaining routine, discipline and traditions of the school is very important

2)      They are requested to help the school to inculcate punctuality, good conduct, good behavior, seriousness at work, self help, initiative, resourcefulness, good manners, etiquettes and courtesy in their wards

3)      They should promptly attend to schools correspondence and circulars regarding payment of bills, vacations, progress reports and other needs and requirements of their wards.

4)      Parents should refrain themselves from going to the classes to see their wards. They should not meet the Class Teacher or Subject Teachers during class hours or wherever any of the student activities are going on. They are allowed to meet the teachers during their free periods or recess to discuss problems of their wards.

5)      No leave will be granted during the period of Unit Tests or Examinations.

6)      If the parents feel that their wards do not make the required progress, they should discuss this matter with the Principal/ Headmaster.

7)      Parents should not give expensive pens, valuable articles such as gold chains, rings, mobile phones, wrist watches or cash etc. to their wards. The school will not be responsible in cases of loss or theft of such articles. If found, these articles will be confiscated and forfeited.

8)      The Principal/Headmaster will not be able to meet the parents or guardians on Sundays and Holidays, except by prior appointment.

9)      Visitors or relatives other than parents and accredited guardians (2) of the boarders will not be allowed to meet or take them out during holidays or for vacations and after school hours unless the school receives a written request and authority letter to that effect from the parents concerned.

10)   The school strives hard and makes efforts to maintain a high standard of education, social life, character building and academic training. Progress of a student in the ultimate analysis depends more on his/her genuine interest to make good progress in studies.

11)   Parents should please make it a point to send their wards to the school on the due date and in time after the vacation or periodic leave. On failing to do so, each student is liable for a fine of Rs. 200/- per day. Absence on the reopening day of the school is considered as a serious breach of school rules and discipline.

12)    Parents/Guardians are requested not to seek permission to call students from their classes before the class is over. In case of urgency, permission should be obtained in writing from the Principal/Headmaster.

13)   Parents are requested to give due respect to all those who are associated with the school and those taking care of their wards. In case of any problem or difficulty, they are advised to talk to the Principal/Headmaster. Criticism or abusing of a teacher or anyone associated with the school should be avoided. This type of act on the part of the parent will be considered impertinent behavior. Such behavior should be avoided in the presence of the student as the student is likely to lose his/her respect for the school and the teacher. His interest in studies may also be affected.

14)   Parents and visitors are not allowed to bring their vehicles inside the school premises.

15)   The school authorities will not be held responsible in case a student absconds, without permission, from the school and hostel premises for whatever reason. Going out of the school campus without permission will be at the students own risk. This act will be considered as a serious breach of discipline. Disciplinary action taken by the School Authorities will be binding on the student and the parents.

16)   The school Authorities and Management will not be held responsible for the consequences or losses incurred on account of unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances or natural calamity beyond their limits and capacity.

17)   The school authorities will not be held responsible for damages and expenses on account of accident, injuries or serious illness that may be sustained by a student at any time during his stay in the school/hostel and while taking part in activities such as sports, extra-curricular activity, tours, excursions, travel etc.

18)   Parents and guardians of the students admitted to the school will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed with the contents and rules mentioned in this prospectus.